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About The Potter

Born and living in Co. Leitrim, Fiona Mc Loughlin has been working as a professional photographer for almost 20 years. A role she undertook soon after achieving a Bachelor’s Degree in Design & Digital Media in 2001.


During these years, she has continued working in other creative disciplines including painting and ceramics.


In recent years her love of ceramic design has overtaken the other creative disciplines which Fiona has experimented with and she is now exhibiting and selling her work throughout Ireland.

087 6270580


The Old Cow & Drumshanbo

Old Cow Clayworks is based in Drumshanbo,

Co. Leitrim.

 The name Old Cow Clayworks came about from my love of the picturesque town of Drumshanbo. Drumshanbo (Droim Sean Boith or Droim Sean Bhó) has two different meanings.


The original meaning is The Ridge of the Old Shed. The second is The Back of the Old Cow. This came about because of a misspelling on our road signs in the mid 1800s and has stuck ever since! I like to think we let it stick because it amused us and made Drumshanbo that little bit more unique!


This is what I aim to achieve with my work, unique pieces which amuse.

Drumshanbo Town.jpg
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